Vector and Bertha are Now Released!!!
Vector and Bertha are Now Released!!!


Jason Voorhes From Friday The 13th Part 3 is Now Released!!!!

Finished Skins Downloads

Vector and Bertha


Nicholai Ginovaef [RE Outbreak Original Model and Textures]


Nicholai Ginovaef [RE Outbreak Original Model]


Garrador Pack [RE4]


4 UBCS (RE3 Remake) Including: Tyrell Patrick, Mikhail Victor, Carlos Oliveira, Nicholai Ginovaef


Chris Redfield Plain (RE5)


Nicholai Ginovaef (RE3 Remake) 2.0!!!!


Verdugo (Resident Evil 4)


Jack_Krauser98 Random Pack (all RE Games)


Link Fixed!!!


Richard Aiken No Vest (Custom)


U.S.S (Resident Evil Outbreak)


Lisa Trevor (RE Remake) BETA


Mikhail Victor By Me and my Friend


William Birkin Human


U.B.C.S Team (Resident Evil Outbreak)


Nicholai Ginovaef Pack! (All by Me and My Friend) Including: Outbreak version, custom, and RE3 Remake


Barry Burton (Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition) Directly Exported from RE5 Gold Edition


Kendo (RE Darkside Chronicles)


Chris Redfield Flashback (RE5 Gold Edition) Directly Exported from RE5 Gold Edition


Mark Wilkins and Hunter from Outbreak


Outbreak Skin Pack 


Dave Johnson and Shotgun


S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team (Thanks to -Rusty- for the models!!)


S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team (Thanks to -Rusty- for the models!!) 

Jack Krauser Megapack


William Birkin Mutation 2


S.T.A.R.S RE5 Pack


Nemesis Skin and Bazooka (RE Umbrella Chronicles) (Bazooka) (Nemesis)


Carlos Oliveira (RE Umbrella Chronicles)






Leon S. Kennedy Pack (RE Darkside Chronicles)